1Receive the Annual ReportFor
2Approve the Remuneration ReportAbstain
3Approve the dividendFor
4Re-elect Dean MooreFor
5Re-elect John McGuireFor
6Re-elect Lord Alliance of Manchester CBEOppose
7Re-elect Nigel Alliance OBEOppose
8Re-elect Ivan FallonOppose
9Appoint the auditors and allow the board to determine their remunerationOppose
10Issue shares with pre-emption rightsAbstain
11Issue shares for cashFor
12Adopt new Articles of AssociationAbstain
13Notice of General MeetingsFor
14To approve the rules of the N Brown Group plc Unapproved Discretionary Share Option Scheme 2000 (the "Unapproved Scheme") and the N Brown Group plc Company Share Option Plan (the "CSOP")Abstain
15Approve the re-adoption of the rules of the N Brown Group plc Savings Related Share Option Scheme 2000 (the "SAYE Scheme")For
16Approve N Brown Group plc Deferred Annual Bonus Scheme (the "DABS")Abstain