1Receive the Annual ReportFor
2To re-elect Sir John BondFor
3To re-elect John BuchananFor
4To re-elect Vittorio ColaoFor
5To re-elect Michel CombesFor
6To re-elect Andy HalfordFor
7To re-elect Stephen PuseyFor
8To re-elect Alan JebsonFor
9To re-elect Samuel JonahFor
10To re-elect Nick LandAbstain
11To re-elect Anne LauvergeonFor
12To re-elect Luc VandeveldeFor
13To re-elect Anthony WatsonAbstain
14To re-elect Philip YeaFor
15Approve the dividendFor
16Approve the Remuneration ReportOppose
17Appoint the auditorsFor
18Allow the board to determine the auditors' remunerationFor
19Issue shares with pre-emption rightsFor
20Issue shares for cashFor
21Authorise Share RepurchaseFor
22Adopt new Articles of AssociationAbstain
23To authorise the calling of a general meeting other than an Annual General Meeting on not less than 14 clear days' noticeFor
24To approve the continued operation of the Vodafone Share Incentive PlanFor