1Receive and adopt the annual report and accounts for the YE 31 DEC 2008Abstain
2Approve the payment of a final dividend of 13.7p per ordinary shareFor
3Approve the remuneration report for the YE 31 DEC 2008Abstain
4Re-elect Dr. Wolfhart Hauser as a DirectorFor
5Re-elect Ms. Debra Rade as a DirectorFor
6Re-elect Mr. Christopher Knight as a DirectorFor
7Re-appoint KPMG Audit PLC as the Auditors to the CompanyAbstain
8Authorise the Directors to determine the remuneration of the AuditorsFor
9Authorize the Directors to allot relevant securities [Section 80 of the Companies Act 1985] and equity securities [Section 94 of the Companies Act 1985]For
10Authorise the political donations and expenditureFor
11Issue shares for cashFor
12Authorize the Company to buy back its own shares [Section 163 of the Companies Act 1985]For
13Authorise 14 days notice for general meetingsFor
14Approve to remove the Company's authorised share capital and amend the Articles of Association each with effect from 01 OCT 2009For