PEPSICO INC. 01/05/2019 AGM
1aRe-elect Shona L. BrownOppose
1bRe-elect Cesar CondeAbstain
1cRe-elect Ian CookOppose
1dRe-elect Dina DublonOppose
1eRe-elect Richard W. FisherFor
1fElect Michelle GassFor
1gRe-elect William R. JohnsonAbstain
1hElect Ramon LaguartaOppose
1iRe-elect David C. PageFor
1jRe-elect Robert C. PohladOppose
1kRe-elect Daniel VasellaOppose
1lRe-elect Darren WalkerFor
1mRe-elect Alberto WeisserFor
2Appoint the AuditorsOppose
3Advisory Vote on Executive CompensationOppose
4Board Proposal to Eliminate Supermajority VotingFor
5Shareholder Resolution: Introduce an Independent Chairman RuleFor
6Shareholder Resolution: Disclosure of Pesticide Management DataFor