PEPSICO INC. 04/05/2016 AGM
1aElect Shona L. BrownFor
1bElect George W. BuckleyFor
1cElect Cesar CondeFor
1dElect Ian M. CookFor
1eElect Dina DublonFor
1fElect Rona A. FairheadFor
1gElect Richard W. FisherFor
1hElect William R. JohnsonFor
1iElect Indra K. NooyiOppose
1jElect David C. PageFor
1kElect Robert C. PohladFor
1lElect Lloyd T. TrotterFor
1mElect Daniel VasellaFor
1nElect Alberto WeisserFor
2Ratify the appointment of the auditorsOppose
3Advisory vote on executive compensationAbstain
4Amend the PepsiCo, Inc. Long-Term Incentive PlanOppose
5Shareholder Resolution: Establish Board Committee on SustainabilityOppose
6Shareholder Resolution: Neonicotinoid-Containing Products & Pollinator DeclineOppose
7Shareholder Resolution: Holy Land PrinciplesOppose
8Shareholder Resolution: Adopt Quantitative Renewable Energy TargetsOppose