O.1Approve Corporate Financial StatementsOppose
O.2Approve Consolidated Financial StatementsOppose
O.3Approve the DividendFor
O.4Information on regulated agreements and commitments undertaken during previous years For
O.5Advisory Vote on Compensation owed or due to Jean-Pascal TricoireOppose
O.6Review of remuneration terms due or allocated to Emmanuel Babeau Oppose
O.7Elect Cecile CabanisOppose
O.8Elect Fred KindleOppose
O.9Re-elect Leo ApothekerFor
O.10Re-elect Xavier FontanetFor
O.11Re-elect Antoine Gosset-GrainvilleFor
O.12Re-elect Willy KisslingFor
O.13Approve Fees Payable to the Board of DirectorsFor
O.14Appoint Ernst & Young as the AuditorsOppose
O.15Renewal of the term of a deputy statutory auditorFor
O.16Renewal of the term of a statutory auditor, MazarsOppose
O.17Renewal of the term of a deputy statutory auditorFor
O.18Authorise Share RepurchaseFor
E.19Issue shares for Use in Restricted Stock PlansOppose
E.20Issue shares for cashOppose
E.21Approve Issue of Shares for Employee Saving PlanFor
E.22Approve Issue of Shares for Employee Saving Plan for Employees of International SubsidiariesFor
O.23Authorize Filing of Required Documents/Other FormalitiesFor