1Approve Financial StatementsFor
2.1Approve Bonuses to the Corporate Executive Committee for Fiscal 2016Oppose
2.2Approve Bonus for the Chairman of the Board of DirectorsOppose
3Discharge the BoardFor
5Approve the DividendFor
5.1Reelect Christoph Franz as Director and Board ChairmanFor
5.3Reelect Andre Hoffmann as DirectorAbstain
5.2Reappoint Christoph Franz as Member of the Compensation CommitteeOppose
5.4Reappoint Andre Hoffmann as Member of the Compensation CommitteeOppose
5.5Reelect John Bell as DirectorAbstain
5.6Reelect Julie Brown as DirectorFor
5.7Reelect Paul Bulcke as DirectorFor
5.8Reelect Richard P. Lifton as DirectorFor
5.9Reappoint Richard P. Lifton as Member of the Compensation CommitteeFor
5.10Reelect Andreas Oeri as DirectorFor
5.11Reelect Bernard Poussot as DirectorFor
5.12Reappoint Bernard Poussot as Member of the Compensation CommitteeOppose
5.13Elect Severin Schwan as DirectorFor
5.14Reelect Claudia Suessmuth Dyckerhoff as DirectorFor
5.15Reelect Peter R. Voser as DirectorAbstain
5.16Reappoint Peter R. Voser as Member of the Compensation CommitteeAbstain
5.17Elect Anita Hauser as DirectorAbstain
6Approve Fees Payable to the Board of DirectorsFor
7Approve Remuneration of Executive Committee Oppose
8Appoint Independent ProxyFor
9Appoint the AuditorsOppose
10Transact Any Other BusinessOppose