LOREAL SA 22/04/2015 AGM
O.1 Receive the Financial Individual StatementsFor
O.2 Receive the Consolidated Financial StatementsFor
O.3 Approve the dividendFor
O.4 Elect Sophie BellonFor
O.5Re-elect Charles Henri Filippi Oppose
O.6Approve the compensation paid or due to the Chairman and CEOOppose
O.7 Authorise Share RepurchaseFor
E.8 Approve authority to increase authorised share capital and issue shares or by incorporation of reserves, profits, premiums or other amountsFor
E.9 Approve all employee share schemeOppose
E.10Authorise Capital increase for employee shareholdersFor
E.11 Amend Articles: 12 of Bylaws Re: Absence of Double Voting RightsFor
E.12 Amend Articles: 12 of Bylaws Re: Attendance to General MeetingsFor
E.13Authorize Filing of Required DocumentsFor