1 Receive the Annual ReportFor
2 Approve Remuneration PolicyOppose
3 Approve the Remuneration ReportAbstain
4 Approve the dividendFor
5 Elect Iain ConnFor
6 Elect Carlos PascualFor
7 Elect Steve PuseyFor
8Re-elect Rick HaythornthwaiteFor
9Re-elect Margherita Della ValleFor
10Re-elect Mark HanafinFor
11Re-elect Lesley KnoxFor
12Re-elect Mike LinnAbstain
13Re-elect Ian MeakinsAbstain
14Re-appoint the auditors: PricewaterhouseCoopers LLPOppose
15 Allow the board to determine the auditors remunerationFor
16 Approve Political DonationsAbstain
17 Authorise the scrip dividendFor
18 Approve new long term incentive planOppose
19Approve the Centrica On Track Incentive PlanOppose
20Approve the Sharesave schemeFor
21 Issue shares with pre-emption rightsFor
22 Issue shares for cashFor
23 Authorise Share RepurchaseFor
24 Meeting notification related proposalFor