PEPSICO INC. 06/05/2015 AGM
1.1Elect Shona L. BrownFor
1.2Elect G.W. BuckleyFor
1.3Elect Ian M. CookFor
1.4Elect Dina DublonOppose
1.5Elect Rona A. FairheadFor
1.6Elect Richard W. FisherFor
1.7Elect Alberto IbarguenOppose
1.8Elect William R. JohnsonFor
1.9Elect Indra K. NooyiOppose
1.10Elect David C. PageFor
1.11Elect Robert C. PohladOppose
1.12Elect Lloyd T. TrotterFor
1.13Elect Daniel VasellaOppose
1.14Elect Alberto WeisserFor
2Ratify the appointment of the auditorsOppose
3Advisory vote on executive compensationOppose
4Shareholder Resolution: board committee on sustainability Oppose
5Shareholder Resolution: Policy regarding limit on accelerated vesting of equity awardsFor
6Shareholder Resolution: Report on minimising impacts of neonicsOppose