1Approval of the 2012 Parent Company Financial StatementsFor
2Approval of the 2012 Consolidated Financial StatementsFor
3Allocation of Net Income for the Financial Year and Declaration of a DividendFor
4Approval of Agreements with Related Parties in 2012 Relating to the Top Hat Defined Pension Plan Applicable to Members of the Management Board and to the Chairman of the Supervisory Board)For
5Approval of an Amendment to the Status of Mr. Jean-Pascal TricoireFor
6Re-elect Mr. Gérard de La MartinièreFor
7Authorise Share RepurchaseFor
8Change in Form of Governance and Management of the Company by Adoption of a Board of DirectorsFor
9Transfer authorizations from the Management Board to the Board of DirectorsFor
10Issue shares with pre-emption rightsOppose
11Authority to the Board of Directors to increase the share capital by capitalizing reserves, earnings, premiums, or other amounts for which capitalization may be allowedFor
12Issue shares without pre-emptive rights by public offerOppose
13Greenshoe AuthorityOppose
14Issue shares for contributions in kindOppose
15Issue shares or convertible debt without pre-emptive rightsFor
16Authorization to the Board of Directors to make grants of free shares to officers and employees of the CompanyAbstain
17Authorise the Board to issue share optionsAbstain
18Approve new all employee Company Investment PlanFor
19Authorise Plan for foreign employeesFor
20Authorise Cancellation of Treasury SharesFor
21Election of Mr. Jean-Pascal TricoireOppose
22Election of Mr. Henri LachmannFor
23Election of Mr. Léo ApothekerFor
24Election of Ms. Betsy AtkinsFor
25Mr. Gérard de La MartinièreFor
26Election of Mr. Xavier FontanetFor
27Election of Mr. Noël ForgeardFor
28Election of Mr. Antoine Gosset-GrainvilleFor
29Election of Mr. Willy R. KisslingFor
30Election of Ms. Cathy KoppFor
31Election of Ms. Dominique SénéquierFor
32Election of Mr. G. Richard ThomanFor
33Election of Mr. Serge WeinbergFor
34Election of a Director Representing Employee Shareholders - Mr. Claude BriquetAbstain
35Election of a Director Representing Employee Shareholders - Ms. Magali HerbautFor
36Election of a Director Representing Employee Shareholders - Mr. Thierry JacquetAbstain
37Election of a Director Representing Employee Shareholders - Mr. Jean-Michel VedrineAbstain
38Approve fees payable to the Board of DirectorsFor
39Authority for FormalitiesFor