1.01Elect C. David Brown IIOppose
1.02Elect David W. DormanFor
1.03Elect Anne M. FinucaneFor
1.04Elect Kristen Gibney WilliamsOppose
1.05Elect Larry J. MerloFor
1.06Elect Jean-Pierre MillonOppose
1.07Elect Richard J. SwiftFor
1.08Elect William C. WeldonFor
1.09Elect Tony L. WhiteFor
2Appoint the auditorsFor
3Approve Pay StructureOppose
4Amend the existing Employee Stock Purchase Plan to add shares to the PlanFor
5Reduce voting thresholds in the fair price provisionFor
6Shareholder proposal: Provide a report on political contributions and expendituresFor
7Shareholder proposal: no acceleration of vesting of any equity award granted to any senior executive upon a change in control.For
8Shareholder proposal: report on lobbying expendituresFor