CANON INC 28/03/2013 AGM
1Appropriation of SurplusFor
2.1Elect Mitarai FujioOppose
2.2Elect Tanaka ToshizouFor
2.3Elect Ikoma ToshiakiFor
2.4Elect Watanabe KunioFor
2.5Elect Adachi YourokuFor
2.6Elect Mitsuhashi YasuoFor
2.7Elect Matsumoto ShigeyukiFor
2.8Elect Honma ToshioFor
2.9Elect Nakaoka MasakiFor
2.10Elect Honda HaruhisaFor
2.11Elect Ozawa HidekiFor
2.12Elect Maeda MasayaFor
2.13Elect Tani YasuhiroFor
2.14Elect Araki MakotoFor
2.15Elect Suematsu HiroyukiFor
2.16Elect Uzawa ShigeyukiFor
2.17Elect Nagasawa KenichiFor
2.18Elect Ootsuka NaojiFor
2.19Elect Yamada MasanoriFor
2.20Elect Wakiya AitakeFor
2.21Elect Oono KazutoFor
3Retirement Bonuses/Special Payments in Connection with the Abolition of the Retirement Bonus SystemFor
4Payment of Retirement Allowance to Directors/Corporate AuditorsFor
5Payment of Bonus to Directors/Corporate AuditorsFor