PEPSICO INC. 07/05/2014 AGM
1.1Re-Elect Shona L. BrownFor
1.2Elect G.W. BuckleyFor
1.3Re-Elect Ian M. CookFor
1.4Re-Elect Dina DublonFor
1.5Elect Rona A. FairheadFor
1.6Re-Elect Ray L. HuntOppose
1.7Re-Elect Alberto IbargĻ‹enFor
1.8Re-Elect Indra K. NooyiOppose
1.09Re-Elect Sharon Percy RockefellerOppose
1.10Re-Elect James J. SchiroOppose
1.11Re-Elect Lloyd G. TrotterFor
1.12Re-Elect Daniel VasellaOppose
1.13Elect Alberto WeisserFor
2Ratify the appointment of the auditorsFor
3Approve Pay StructureAbstain
4Approval of the material terms of the performance goals of the PepsiCo, Inc. Executive Incentive Compensation Plan.Abstain
5Shareholder Resolution: Political donationsOppose
6Shareholder Resolution: Policy regarding executive retention of stock.Abstain