1Receive the Annual ReportFor
2Approve the dividendFor
3To elect Judy DlaminiFor
4To elect Mphu RamatlapengFor
5To elect Jim RutherfordFor
6To re-elect Mark CutifaniFor
7To re-elect Byron GroteFor
8To re-elect Sir Philip HamptonAbstain
9To re-elect René MédoriOppose
10To re-elect Phuthuma NhlekoFor
11To re-elect Ray O’RourkeFor
12To re-elect Sir John ParkerFor
13To re-elect Anne StevensFor
14To re-elect Jack ThompsonFor
15Appoint the auditorsAbstain
16Allow the board to determine the auditors remunerationFor
17Approve Remuneration PolicyAbstain
18Approve the Remuneration ReportAbstain
19Approve a new bonus planOppose
20Issue shares with pre-emption rightsFor
21Issue shares for cashFor
22Authorise Share RepurchaseFor
23Meeting notification related proposalFor