1.1Receive the Financial Statements and statutory ReportsFor
1.2Approve the Remuneration ReportOppose
2.1Approve bonus for Corporate Executive Committee membersOppose
2.2Approve bonus to Chairman of the Board of DirectorsOppose
3Ratification of the Board of Directors’ actionsFor
4Approve the dividendFor
5.1Election of Christoph Franz as chairmanFor
5.2Election of Dr Christoph Franz as a member of the Remuneration CommitteeFor
5.3Election of Mr André HoffmannOppose
5.4Election of Mr André Hoffmann as a member of the Remuneration CommitteeOppose
5.5Election of Prof. Pius BascheraFor
5.6Election of Prof. Sir John BellOppose
5.7Election of Mr Paul BulckeFor
5.8Election of Dame DeAnne JuliusOppose
5.9Election of Dr Arthur D. LevinsonOppose
5.10Election of Dr Arthur D. Levinson to the Remuneration CommitteeOppose
5.11Election Dr Andreas OeriOppose
5.12Election of Dr Severin SchwanFor
5.13Election of Mr Peter R. VoserFor
5.14Election of Mr Peter R. Voser to the Remuneration CommitteeFor
5.15Election of Prof. Beatrice Weder di MauroFor
6.1Amendment of Articles 6 and 12For
6.2Amendment of Article 10For
6.3Amendment of Article 15For
6.4Amendment of Article 18For
6.5Amendment of Article 22For
6.6Amendment of Articles 24 and 25Oppose
6.7Approval of all proposed amendments to the Articles of Incorporation.For
7Approval of the total amount of future remuneration for the Board of DirectorsOppose
8Approval of the total amount of future remuneration for the Corporate Executive CommitteeOppose
9Election of the independent proxyFor
10Appoint the auditorsFor
11Transact any other businessOppose