SKY PLC 23/10/2009 AGM
1Receive the Annual ReportFor
2Approve the dividendFor
3Elect Mr. Tom MockridgeOppose
4Re-Elect Mr. Nicholas FergusonFor
5Re-Elect Mr. Andrew HigginsonAbstain
6Re-Elect Mr. Jacques NasserFor
7Re-Elect Dame Gail RebuckFor
8Re-Elect David F DeVoeOppose
9Re-Elect Mr. Allan LeightonOppose
10Re-Elect Mr. Arthur SiskindOppose
11Appoint the auditors and allow the board to determine their remunerationFor
12Approve the Remuneration ReportOppose
13Approve Political DonationsAbstain
14Issue shares with pre-emption rightsFor
15Issue shares for cashFor
16Adopt new Articles of AssociationFor
17To permit the holding of General Meetings at 14 days' noticeFor