1Receive the Directors ReportFor
2Receive the Supervisory Committee ReportFor
3Receive the Financial StatementsFor
4Approve the dividendFor
5Distribution of interim dividendsFor
6Appoint the auditorsOppose
7ARe-elect Jiang JieminFor
7BRe-elect Zhou JipingOppose
7CRe-elect Wang YilinOppose
7DRe-elect Li XinhuaOppose
7ERe-elect Liao YongyuanFor
7FRe-elect Wang GuoliangOppose
7GElect Wang DongjinFor
7HElect Yu BaocaiFor
7IElect Ran XinquanFor
7JRe-elect Liu HongruOppose
7KRe-elect Franco BernabèOppose
7LRe-elect Li YongwuOppose
7MRe-elect Cui JunhuiOppose
7NRe-elect Chen ZhiwuFor
8AElect Chen Ming to the Supervisory BoardOppose
8BElect Guo Jinping to the Supervisory CommitteeOppose
8CElect Wen Qingshan to the Supervisory BoardOppose
8DElect Sun Xianfeng to the Supervisory CommitteeOppose
8EElect Li Yuan to the Supervisory CommitteeOppose
8FElect Wang Daocheng to the Supervisory CommitteeOppose
9Authority to issue sharesOppose
10Authority to issue debt financing instrumentsOppose