ABB LTD 26/04/2012 AGM
1Presentation of the Annual report and consolidated financial statements, Annual financial statements and Auditors’ reportsNon-Voting
2.1Approval of the annual report, the consolidated financial statements, and the annual financial statementsFor
2.2Consultative vote on the remuneration reportOppose
3Discharge the Board of Directors and the persons entrusted with managementFor
4Approve the dividendFor
5.1Re-elect Roger AgnelliOppose
5.2Re-elect Louis R. HughesOppose
5.3Re-elect Hans Ulrich MärkiOppose
5.4Re-elect Michel de RosenOppose
5.5Re-elect Michael TreschowOppose
5.6Re-elect Jacob WallenbergOppose
5.7Re-elect Ying YehFor
5.8Re-elect Hubertus von GrünbergFor
6Appoint the auditorsFor