1Approval of the corporate financial statementsFor
2Approval of the consolidated financial statementsFor
3Approve the allocation of income and dividendFor
4Approve related party transactionFor
5Approve related party transactionOppose
6Re-elect Mr. Leo ApothekerFor
7Elect Mr. Xavier FontanetFor
8Elect Mr. Jerome GallotFor
9Re-elect Mr. Willy KisslingFor
10Re-elect Mr. Henri LachmannFor
11Re-elect Mr. Rick ThomanFor
12Elect Mr. Manfred BrillOppose
13Re-elect Mr. Claude BriquetOppose
14Elect Mrs. Magali HerbautOppose
15Elect Mr. Thierry JacquetFor
16Authorise Share RepurchaseFor
17Issue shares for employees of foreign companies of the Group, either directly or through entities acting on their behalfFor
18Powers to carry out all legal formalitiesFor