PEPSICO INC. 02/05/2012 AGM
1.1Re-Elect Shona L. BrownFor
1.2Re-Elect Ian M. CookFor
1.3Re-Elect Dina DublonFor
1.4Re-Elect Victor J. DzauFor
1.5Re-Elect Ray L. HuntOppose
1.6Elect Alberto IbargĻ‹enAbstain
1.7Re-Elect Indra K. NooyiOppose
1.8Re-Elect Sharon Percy RockefellerOppose
1.9Re-Elect James J. SchiroOppose
1.10Re-Elect Lloyd G. TrotterFor
1.11Re-Elect Daniel VasellaOppose
1.12Elect Alberto WeisserFor
2Ratify the appointment of the auditorsFor
3Approval of the executive compensationOppose
4Re-approval of the performance measures under the 2007 Long-Term Incentive PlanOppose
5Shareholder Resolution: Lobbying practices reportFor
6Shareholder Resolution: Formation of Risk Oversight CommitteeFor
7Shareholder resolution: Introduce an independent chairman ruleFor