COLT GROUP SA 29/04/2010 AGM
1Receive the Annual ReportFor
2Receive the consolidated and unconsolidated report and the independent auditors report.For
3Approve the consolidated financial statements and annual accountsFor
4Approve the unconsolidated financial statements and annual accountsFor
5Approve the results of the Company for the financial year ended 31 December 2009 by allocation of the annual net loss to the carry forward account.For
6Approve the Remuneration ReportOppose
7Discharge the DirectorsFor
8To re-elect Andreas BarthFor
9To re-elect Tony BatesOppose
10To re-elect Rakesh BhasinFor
11To re-elect Vincenzo DamianiFor
12To re-elect Hans EggerstedtFor
13To re-elect Mark FerrariOppose
14To re-elect Gene GabbardFor
15To re-elect Simon HaslamOppose
16To re-elect Tim HiltonOppose
17To re-elect Frans van den HovenOppose
18To re-elect Richard WalshOppose
19To re-elect Sergio GiacolettoFor
20To elect Stuart JacksonOppose
21Appoint the auditorsAbstain
22Allow the board to determine the auditors remunerationFor
23Authorise Share RepurchaseFor
24Approve the Name ChangeFor
25Amend Article 5For
26Amend ArticlesFor