SEGRO PLC 22/05/2007 AGM
1Receive the report and accountsFor
2Declare a dividendFor
3Approve the remuneration reportAbstain
4Elect Mr N M S RichFor
5Elect Mr W E R HensFor
6Elect Mrs L A MacDonaghFor
7Elect Mr S L HowardFor
8Elect Mr M D LeesAbstain
9Elect Mr A W PalmerFor
10Elect Mr C A PeacockFor
11Appoint the auditorsAbstain
12Fix the auditors remunerationFor
13Approve political donationsFor
14Authorise the company to change its name to SEGRO plcFor
15Authorise share issueFor
16Issue shares for cashFor
17Authorise share repurchaseFor