EASYJET PLC 17/02/2011 AGM
1Receive the Annual ReportFor
2Approve the Remuneration ReportOppose
3To elect Carolyn McCallFor
4To elect Christopher KennedyFor
5To re-elect Sir Michael RakeFor
6To re-elect Sir David MichelsFor
7To re-elect David BennettAbstain
8To re-elect Professor Rigas DoganisFor
9To re-elect John BrowettFor
10To re-elect Sven BoinetFor
11To re-elect Keith HamillAbstain
12Appoint the auditors and allow the board to determine their remunerationFor
13Approve Political DonationsFor
14Issue shares with pre-emption rightsFor
15Issue shares for cashFor
16Authorise Share RepurchaseAbstain
17Meeting notification related proposalFor