1Receive the report and accountsFor
2Elect Sir John Bond For
3Elect Arun Sarin For
4Elect Dr Michael Boskin For
5Elect John Buchanan For
6Elect Andy HalfordFor
7Elect Anne Lauvergeon For
8Elect Professor Jurgen Schrempp For
9Elect Luc Vandevelde For
10Elect Anthony Watson For
11Elect Philip Yea For
12Elect Vittorio Colao For
13Elect Alan JebsonFor
14Elect Nick Land For
15Elect Simon Murray For
16Declare a dividendFor
17Approve the remuneration reportOppose
18Appoint the auditorsAbstain
19Fix the auditors' remunerationFor
20Issue shares with pre-emption rights For
21Issue shares for cashFor
22Authorise share repurchaseFor
23Approve the use of electronic communicationsFor
24Amend articlesFor
25A shareholder resolution seeking to amend the articles to enable shareholders to direct management by ordinary resolutionOppose
26Alter the capital structure of the company in relation to Verizon Wireless. Abstain
27A shareholder resolution to issue bonds to shareholders.Oppose
28Amend articles of associationOppose