AEX GOLD INC 09/06/2021 AGM
1.1Elect Graham Stewart - Chair (Executive)Withhold
1.2Elect Eldur Ólafsson - Chief ExecutiveFor
1.3Elect George Fowlie - Non-Executive DirectorWithhold
1.4Elect Jaco Crouse - Executive DirectorFor
1.5Elect Sigurbjorn (‘Siggi) Thorkelsson - Non-Executive DirectorWithhold
1.6Elect Line Frederiksen - Non-Executive DirectorFor
1.7Elect David Neuhauser - Non-Executive DirectorWithhold
2Appoint PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP as Auditors and Allow the Board to Determine their RemunerationFor
3Non-employee Director Stock PlanOppose
4Amend Articles: Aim Listing MattersFor