AEGON NV 17/05/2019 AGM
1Open MeetingNon-Voting
2Open MeetingNon-Voting
3.1Receive Report of Management Board (Non-Voting)Non-Voting
3.2Discuss Remuneration Report Containing Remuneration Policy for Management Board MembersNon-Voting
3.3Discuss Financial Statements and Receive Auditors' Reports (Non-Voting)Non-Voting
3.4Approve Financial StatementsFor
3.5Approve the DividendFor
4Appoint the AuditorsFor
5.1Approve Discharge of Management BoardFor
5.2Discharge the Supervisory BoardFor
6.1Approve Remuneration Policy for Supervisory Board MembersFor
7.1Reelect Ben J. Noteboom to Supervisory BoardFor
8.1Reelect Alexander R. Wynaendts to Management BoardFor
9.1Issue Shares with Pre-emption Rights and for CashOppose
9.2Grant Board Authority to Issue Shares Up To 25 Percent of Issued Capital in Connection with a Rights IssueOppose
9.3Authorise Share RepurchaseOppose
10Other Business (Non-Voting)Non-Voting