CENCOSUD SA 30/04/2020 AGM
AApprove Financial StatementsFor
BApprove the DividendFor
CElect Board Oppose
DApprove Fees Payable to the Board of Directors Abstain
EEstablishment Of The Compensation Of The Members Of The Committee Of Directors And The Determination Of The Expense Budget For Its Operation And That For Its AdvisersAbstain
FApprove The Report In Regard To The Expenses Of The Board Of Directors And Of The Committee Of DirectorsFor
GAppoint the AuditorsOppose
HDesignation Of Risk Rating Agencies For The 2020 Fiscal YearAbstain
IApprove Report on Related Party TransactionsOppose
JAccounting Of The Opposing Votes Of Members Of The Board Of Directors That Were Included In The Minutes Of Meetings Of The Board For
KDesignation Of The Newspaper In Which The Corporate Notices Must Be PublishedAbstain
LTransact Any Other BusinessOppose