CCR SA 09/04/2020 AGM
1Approve Financial StatementsOppose
2Approve the DividendFor
3Set the Number of Board DirectorsFor
4Do You Wish to Adopt Cumulative Voting for the Election of the Members of the Board of Directors, Under the Terms of Article 141 of the Brazilian Corporate Law?For
5Elect Board: Slate ElectionOppose
6In Case One of the Nominees Leaves the Board of Directors Slate Due to a Separate Minority Election, as Allowed Under Articles 161 and 240 of the Brazilian Corporate Law, May Your Votes Still Be Counted for the Proposed Slate?Abstain
7In Case Cumulative Voting Is Adopted, Do You Wish to Equally Distribute Your Votes Amongst the Nominees below?Abstain
8.1Percentage of Votes to Be Assigned: Ana Maria Marcondes Santanna, principal member, Eduarda Penido Dalla Vecchia substitute memberAbstain
8.2Percentage of Votes to Be Assigned: Fernando Luiz Aguiar Filho principal member, Leonardo de Almeida Massa substitute Abstain
8.3Percentage of Votes to Be Assigned: Ricardo Coutinho De Sena Principal Member, Jose Henrique Braga Polido Lopes Substitute Member Abstain
8.4Percentage of Votes to Be Assigned: Flavio Mendes Aidar Principal Member, Livio Hagime Abstain
8.5Percentage of Votes to Be Assigned: Paulo Roberto Reckziegel Guedes Principal Member, Fernando Santos Salles Substitute Member Abstain
8.6Percentage of Votes to Be Assigned: Luis Claudio Rapparini Soares Principal Member, Eduardo Penido Santanna Substitute Member Abstain
8.7Percentage of Votes to Be Assigned: Renato Torres De Faria Principal Member, Paulo Marcio De Oliveira Monteiro Substitute Member Abstain
8.8Percentage of Votes to Be Assigned: Henrique Sutton De Sousa Neves Principal Member, Rosa Evangelina Penido Dalla Vecchia Substitute Member Abstain
8.9Percentage of Votes to Be Assigned: Luiz Carlos Cavalcanti Dutra Junior Principal Member, Nelson Tambelini Junior Substitute Member Abstain
8.10Percentage of Votes to Be Assigned: Luiz Alberto Colonna Rosman, Independent Member For
8.11Percentage of Votes to Be Assigned: Leonardo Porciuncula Gomes Pereira, Independent Member For
8.12Percentage of Votes to Be Assigned: Bunker Gentil, Independent Member For
8.13Percentage of Votes to Be Assigned: Eliane Aleixo Lustosa De Andrade, Independent Member For
9Request Separate ElectionFor
10Elect: Ana Maria Marcondes Penido Santanna as Chair and Mr. Ricardo Coutinho De Sena as Vice ChairOppose
11Instal Fiscal CouncilFor
12.1Slate Election for the Fiscal Council: Adalgiso Fragoso De Faria Principal Member, Marcelo De Andrade Substitute Member Oppose
12.2Slate Election for the Fiscal Council: Bruno Goncalves Siqueira Principal Member, Daniel Da Silva Alves Substitute Member Oppose
12.3Slate Election for the Fiscal Council: Piedade Mota Da Fonseca Principal Member, Ronaldo Pires Da Silva Substitute Member For
13Approve Remuneration of Company's ManagementOppose
14Approve Remuneration of Fiscal Council MembersOppose