AENA SA 29/10/2020 AGM
1Approve Financial StatementsFor
2Approve Consolidated Financial StatementsFor
3Approve the DividendFor
4Approve Non-Financial Information ReportFor
5Approve Reclassification of Voluntary Reserves to Capitalization ReservesFor
6Discharge the BoardFor
7.1Re-elect Amancio Lopez Seijas Abstain
7.2Re-elect Jaime Terceiro LombaFor
7.3Elect Irene Cano PiqueroFor
8Authorise Share RepurchaseOppose
9Advisory Vote on Remuneration ReportFor
10Shareholder Resolution: Receive Information on Company's Current Climate Change Transition and Sustainability Strategy, and Explanation on Strategy's Consistency with Climate Transition GoalsFor
11Shareholder Resolution: Advisory Vote on Climate Transition Plan at 2021 AGMFor
12Shareholder Resolution: Advisory Vote on Climate Transition Update Reports from 2022 AGM onFor
13Shareholder Resolution: Add Article 50 Bis Re: Climate Transition Plan and Update ReportsFor
14Authorize Board to Ratify and Execute Approved ResolutionsFor