ABN AMRO BANK 22/04/2020 AGM
1Open MeetingNon-Voting
2.AReceive Report of Management BoardNon-Voting
2.BReceive Report of Supervisory BoardNon-Voting
2.CReceive Announcements from the Chairman of the Employee CouncilNon-Voting
2.DDiscussion on Company's Corporate Governance StructureNon-Voting
2.EApprove the Remuneration ReportFor
2.FOpportunity to Ask Question to the External Auditor Non-Voting
2.GApprove Financial StatementsAbstain
3.AReceive Explanation on Dividend PolicyNon-Voting
3.BApprove the DividendWithdrawn
4.AApprove Discharge of Management BoardAbstain
4.BApprove Discharge of Supervisory BoardAbstain
5Receive Auditors' ReportNon-Voting
6.AApprove Remuneration Policy for Management BoardAbstain
6.BApprove Remuneration Policy for Supervisory BoardFor
7Amend ArticlesFor
8.AApprove Collective Supervisory Board ProfileFor
8.BAnnounce Vacancies on the Supervisory BoardNon-Voting
8.COpportunity to Make RecommendationsNon-Voting
8.D.IAnnounce Intention to Re-appoint Mr Arjen Dorland, Mr Jurgen Stegmann and Mr Tjalling Tiemstra to the Supervisory BoardNon-Voting
8.D.IIRe-elect Arjen Dorland to Supervisory BoardFor
8.D.IIIRe-elect Jurgen Stegmann to Supervisory BoardFor
8.D.IVRe-elect Tjalling Tiemstra to Supervisory BoardAbstain
9.AIssue Shares with Pre-emption RightsFor
9.BIssue Shares for CashOppose
9.CAuthorise Share RepurchaseOppose
10Authorise Cancellation of Treasury SharesFor
11Discuss Introduction of Robert Swaak as Member of Executive BoardNon-Voting
12Other BusinessNon-Voting