O.1Approve the Corporate Financial StatementsFor
O.2Approve the Consolidated Financial StatementsFor
O.3Approve the DividendFor
O.4Elect Mr. Nawaf Bin Jassim Bin Jabor Al-thaniOppose
O.5Elect Mr. Aziz Aluthman FakhrooOppose
O.6Elect Mrs. Sophie GaspermentFor
O.7Elect Mrs. Qionger JiangFor
O.8Elect Mr. Nicolas SarkozyFor
O.9Elect Mrs. Isabelle Simon Oppose
O.10Elect Mr. Sarmad ZokOppose
O.11Appoint PricewaterhouseCoopers as Principal Statutory AuditorsOppose
O.12Appoint Ernest & Young as Principal Statutory Auditors Oppose
O.13Appoint Mr. Patrice Morot as Deputy Statutory Auditor Oppose
O.14Appoint Auditex Company as Deputy Statutory Auditor Oppose
O.15Approve Regulated Agreement with Katara Hospitality For
O.16Approve Regulated Agreement with Kingdom Hotels (Europe) LLCFor
O.17Advisory review of the compensation owed or paid to Mr Sebastien BazinOppose
O.18Advisory review of the compensation owed or paid to Mr Sven BoinetOppose
O.19Approve Remuneration Policy of the CEOOppose
O.20Authorise Share RepurchaseOppose
E.21Authorise Cancellation of Treasury SharesFor
E.22Issue Shares with Pre-emption RightsFor
E.23Issue Shares for CashOppose
E.24Approve Issue of Shares for Private PlacementOppose
E.25Authorise the Board to Increase the Number of Shares Issued in case of Exceptional DemandOppose
E.26Approve Issue of Shares for Contribution in KindFor
E.27Approve Authority to Capitalize ReservesFor
E.28Limit Authorised CapitalFor
E.29Approve Issue of Shares for Employee Saving Plan "PEG"Oppose
E.30Approve Issue of Shares for Employee Saving PlanOppose
E.31Approve New Issue of Shares to Executive and EmployeesOppose
E.32Restriction on the number of free shares that may be granted to executive officers of the CompanyOppose
O.33 Powers to issue warrants in period of unfriendly public offerOppose