1Receive the Directors ReportFor
2Receive and Approve Director's Special Report Re: Operations Carried Out Under the Authorized Capital Established For
3Approve the Audit ReportFor
4Approve Consolidated Financial Statements and Statutory ReportsOppose
5Approve Financial StatementsOppose
6Approve the DividendFor
7Discharge the BoardFor
8Discharge the AuditorsOppose
9Approve the Remuneration ReportOppose
10Elect Pascal Rakovsky - Non-Executive DirectorFor
11Elect Ivo Rauh - Non-Executive DirectorFor
12Elect Evie Roos - Non-Executive DirectorFor
13Appoint the AuditorsFor
14Approve Fees Payable to the Board of DirectorsFor
15Approve Information Regarding Share RepurchaseFor
16Authorise Board to Ratify and Execute Approved Resolutions For
S.1Increase Authorized Share Capital and Amend Articles of AssociationFor
S.2Amend Articles: Approve Creation of Class C Beneficiary Units and Amend Articles of AssociationOppose
S.3Amend Articles: Amend Articles 15.3, 16.3, and 21 of the Articles of AssociationFor
S.4Authorise Board to Ratify and Execute Approved Resolutions For