1.1Elect Yoshida Yoshiaki - PresidentFor
1.2Elect Karatsu Osamu - Non-Executive DirectorFor
1.3Elect Urabe Toshimitsu - Non-Executive DirectorFor
1.4Elect Nicholas Benes - Non-Executive DirectorFor
1.5Elect Tsukakoshi Souichi - Executive DirectorFor
1.6Elect Fujita Atsushi - Executive DirectorFor
1.7Elect Tsukui Kouichi - Executive DirectorFor
1.8Elect Douglas Lefever - Executive DirectorFor
2.1Elect Director and Audit Committee Member Kurita, YuichiFor
2.2Elect Director and Audit Committee Member Namba, KoichiFor
3.1Elect Alternate Director and Audit Committee Member Karatsu, OsamuFor
4Approve Compensation Ceiling for Directors Who Are Not Audit Committee MembersFor
5Approve Performance Share Plan and Restricted Stock PlanFor