1Receive the Directors ReportFor
2Receive the Report of the Supervisory CommitteeFor
3Approve Financial StatementsFor
4Approve the DividendFor
5Approve the Interim DividendFor
6Appoint the Auditors and Allow the Board to Determine their RemunerationOppose
7Approve Financial AssistanceFor
8Approve General Share Issue MandateOppose
9Approve Service Contracts of Directors and Supervisors of Sinopec Corp.Oppose
10.1Elect Zhang YuzhuoOppose
10.2Elect Ma YongshengFor
10.3Elect Zhao Dong - Non-Executive DirectorOppose
10.4Elect Yu Baocai - Non-Executive DirectorOppose
10.5Elect Liu HongbinOppose
10.6Elect Ling YiqunFor
10.7Elect Li Yonglin - Non-Executive DirectorFor
11.1Elect Cai Hongbin - Non-Executive DirectorOppose
11.2Elect Kar Ling Johnny Ng - Non-Executive DirectorOppose
11.3Elect Shi Dan - Non-Executive DirectorFor
11.4Elect Bi Mingjian - Non-Executive DirectorOppose
12.1Elect Zhang Shaofeng as SupervisorOppose
12.2Elect Jiang Zhenying as SupervisorOppose
12.3Elect Zhang Zhiguo as SupervisorOppose
12.4Elect Yin Zhaolin as SupervisorOppose
12.5Elect Zhou Liwei as SupervisorOppose
12.6Elect Guo Hongjin as SupervisorOppose