3M COMPANY 08/05/2018 AGM
1aElect Director Sondra L. BarbourFor
1bElect Director Thomas 'Tony' K. BrownFor
1cElect Director David B. DillonFor
1dElect Director Michael L. EskewFor
1eElect Director Herbert L. HenkelFor
1fElect Director Amy E. Hood For
1gElect Director Muhtar KentFor
1hElect Director Edward M. LiddyFor
1iElect Director Gregory R. PageFor
1jElect Director Michael F. RomanFor
1kElect Director Inge G. ThulinOppose
1lElect Director Patricia A. WoertzFor
2Appoint the AuditorsOppose
3Advisory Vote on Executive CompensationOppose
4Shareholder Resolution: Right to Call Special MeetingsFor
5Shareholder Resolution: Setting Targets for Executive CompensationFor