A G BARR PLC 31/05/2019 AGM
1Receive the Annual ReportFor
2Approve the Remuneration ReportFor
3Approve the DividendFor
4Re-elect John Ross NicolsonAbstain
5Re-elect Roger Alexander WhiteFor
6Re-elect Stuart LorimerFor
7Re-elect Jonathan David KempFor
8Re-elect Andrew Lewis MemmottFor
9Re-elect Wlliam Robin Graham BarrOppose
10Re-elect Susan Verity BarrattFor
11Re-elect Martin Andrew GriffithsOppose
12Re-elect Pamela PowellFor
13Re-elect David James RitchieFor
14Elect Nicholas Barry Edward WhartonFor
15Re-appoint Deloitte LLP as Auditors and Allow the Board to Determine their RemunerationFor
16Issue Shares with Pre-emption RightsFor
17Issue Shares for CashFor
18Authorise Share RepurchaseOppose