1.01Elect Michael J. AndersonWithhold
1.02Elect Steven J. DemetriouFor
1.03Elect Julia L. JohnsonFor
1.04Elect Charles E. JonesFor
1.05Elect Donald T. MisheffFor
1.06Elect Thomas N. MitchellFor
1.07Elect James F. O'Neil IIIWithhold
1.08Elect Christopher D. PappasFor
1.9Elect Sandra PianaltoFor
1.10Elect Luis A. ReyesFor
1.11Elect Leslie M. TurnerFor
2Appoint the AuditorsOppose
3Advisory Vote on Executive CompensationAbstain
4Board Proposal to Eliminate Supermajority VotingFor
5Board Proposal to Introduce Majority Voting for Director ElectionFor
6Amend Articles: Implement Proxy AccessFor
7Shareholder Resolution: Simple Majority VotingOppose