ADIDAS AG 09/05/2019 AGM
1Receive Financial Statements and Statutory Reports for Fiscal 2018Non-Voting
2Approve the DividendFor
3Discharge the Management BoardFor
4Discharge the BoardFor
5.1Elect Ian GallienneOppose
5.2Elect Herbert KauffmannOppose
5.3Elect Igor LandauOppose
5.4Elect Kathrin MengesFor
5.5Elect Nassef SawirisAbstain
5.6Elect Thomas RabeAbstain
5.7Elect Bodo UebberAbstain
5.8Elect Jing UlrichOppose
6Approve Creation of EUR 16 Million Pool of Capital with Partial Exclusion of Preemptive RightsOppose
7Cancel Existing Authorised Conditional CapitalFor
8Appoint the AuditorsOppose