1Approve Financial StatementsFor
2Approve Consolidated Financial Statements and Statutory ReportsFor
3Approve the DividendFor
4Approve Transaction with the French StateFor
5Approve Transaction with Cite de l Architecture et du PatrimoineFor
6Approve Transaction with Institut FrancaisFor
7Approve Transaction with SNCF Reseau and Caisse des Depots et ConsignationsFor
8Approve Transaction with SNCF ReseauFor
9Approve Transaction with Societe Gestionnaire d Infrastructure CDG ExpressFor
10Approve Transaction with Societe Gestionnaire d Infrastructure CDG Express and SNCF ReseauFor
11Approve Transaction with the French State, Societe Gestionnaire d Infrastructure CDG Express, SNCF Reseau, Caisse des Depots et Consignations and BNP ParibasFor
12Approve Transaction with Musee d Orsay et de l OrangerieFor
13Approve Transaction with Atout FranceFor
14Approve Transaction with Musee du LouvreFor
15Approve Transaction with Societe du Grand ParisFor
16Approve Transaction with Etablissement Public du Chateau, du Musee et du Domaine National de VersaillesFor
17Approve Transaction with RATPFor
18Approve Transaction with Institut pour l Innovation Economique et SocialeFor
19Approve Transaction with Media Aeroports de ParisFor
20Approve Transaction with TAV Construction and HerveFor
21Approve Transaction with the French State and SNCF ReseauFor
22Authorise Share RepurchaseOppose
23Approve Compensation of Augustin de Romanet, Chair and CEOFor
24Approve Remuneration Policy of Chair and CEOOppose
25Ratify Appointment of Christophe Mirmand as DirectorOppose
26Reelect Augustin de Romanet as DirectorOppose
27Reelect Jacques Gounon as DirectorOppose
28Reelect VINCI as DirectorOppose
29Reelect Predica Prevoyance Dialogue du Credit Agricole as DirectorOppose
30Reelect Jacoba Van der Meijs as DirectorOppose
31Elect Dirk Benschop as DirectorOppose
32Elect Fanny Letier as DirectorOppose
33Renew Appointment of Christine Janodet as CensorOppose
34Renew Appointment of Anne Hidalgo as CensorOppose
35Appoint Valerie Pecresse as CensorOppose
36Appoint Patrick Renaud as CensorOppose
37Authorize Filing of Required Documents/Other FormalitiesFor