ADOBE INC 11/04/2019 AGM
1aElect Amy BanseAbstain
1bElect Frank CalderoniAbstain
1cElect James DaleyFor
1dElect Laura DesmondFor
1eElect Charles GeschkeFor
1fElect Shantanu NarayenOppose
1gElect Kathleen ObergFor
1hElect Dheeraj PandeyFor
1iElect David RicksAbstain
1jElect Daniel RosensweigFor
1kElect John WarnockFor
2Approve the Adobe Systems Incorporated 2003 Equity Incentive PlanOppose
3Appoint the AuditorsOppose
4Advisory Vote to Ratify Named Executive Officers CompensationOppose
5Shareholder Resolution: Regarding median gender pay reportFor