AGEAS NV 19/05/2021 AGM
1Open Meeting Non-Voting
2.1.1Receive Directors' and Auditors' Reports (Non-Voting) Non-Voting
2.1.2Receive Consolidated Financial Statements and Statutory Reports (Non-Voting) Non-Voting
2.1.3Approve Financial StatementsFor
2.2.1Approve the Dividend PolicyFor
2.2.2Approve Dividends of EUR 2.65 Per Share For
2.3.1Approve Discharge of Directors For
2.3.2Discharge the AuditorsOppose
3Approve the Remuneration ReportAbstain
4.1Elect Jean-Michel Chatagny - Non-Executive DirectorFor
4.2Elect Katleen Vandeweyer - Non-Executive DirectorFor
4.3Elect Bart De Smet - Chair (Non Executive)Oppose
4.4Appoint the Auditors and Allow the Board to Determine the Auditor's RemunerationFor
5.1Amend Article 1 Re: Definitions For
5.2.1Receive Special Board Report Re: Proposed Amendments to the Purpose Clause in Accordance with Article 7:154 of the Belgian Companies and Associations Code Non-Voting
5.2.2Amend Article 4 Re: Purpose For
5.3Authorise Cancellation of Treasury SharesFor
5.4.1Receive Special Board Report Re: Use and Purpose of the Authorized Capital Prepared in Accordance with Article 7:199 of the Belgian Companies and Associations Code Non-Voting
5.4.2Renew Authorization to Increase Share Capital within the Framework of Authorized Capital For
5.5Amend Article 12 Re: Management of the Company For
6Authorise Share RepurchaseOppose
7Close Meeting Non-Voting