1.1Elect Director Larry PageFor
1.2Elect Director Sergey BrinFor
1.3Elect Director Sundar PichaiWithhold
1.4Elect Director John L. HennessyWithhold
1.5Elect Director Frances H. ArnoldFor
1.6Elect Director L. John DoerrWithhold
1.7Elect Director Roger W. Ferguson Jr.Withhold
1.8Elect Director Ann MatherWithhold
1.9Elect Director Alan R. MulallyFor
1.10Elect Director K. Ram ShiramWithhold
1.11Elect Director Robin L. WashingtonFor
2Appoint the AuditorsOppose
3Amend Existing Omnibus PlanOppose
4Advisory Vote on Executive CompensationOppose
5Shareholder Resolution: Equitable Voting RightsFor
6Shareholder Resolution: Report on Arbitration of Employment-Related ClaimsFor
7Shareholder Resolution: Establish Human Rights Risk Oversight CommitteeFor
8Shareholder Resolution: Require Shareholder Approval of Bylaw Amendments Adopted by the Board of DirectorsFor
9Shareholder Resolution: Assess Feasibility of Including Sustainability as a Performance Measure for Senior Executive CompensationFor
10Shareholder Resolution: Report on Cyber-Related RisksFor
11Shareholder Resolution: Introduce Majority Voting for Director ElectionsFor
12Shareholder resolution: Report on Gender/Racial Pay Gap For
13Shareholder Resolution: Require Independent Director Nominee with Human and/or Civil Rights ExperienceFor
14Shareholder Resolution: Report on Whistleblower Policies and PracticesFor