IPSEN SA 29/05/2020 AGM
O.1Approve Financial Statements and Statutory ReportsFor
O.2Approve Financial StatementsFor
O.3Approve the DividendFor
O.4Approve Auditors' Special Report on Related-Party Transactions Mentioning the Absence of New ConventionsFor
O.5Approve Termination Package of Marc de Garidel, Chair of the BoardOppose
O.6Approve Severance Agreement with David Meek, CEO Until Dec. 31, 2019Oppose
O.7Ratify Appointment of Highrock as DirectorOppose
O.8Ratify Appointment of Beech Tree as DirectorFor
O.9Reelect Beech Tree as DirectorOppose
O.10Reelect Carol Xueref as DirectorOppose
O.11Approve Remuneration Policy of DirectorsFor
O.12Approve Remuneration Policy of Chair of the BoardFor
O.13Approve Remuneration Policy of CEOOppose
O.14Approve Compensation Report of Corporate OfficersOppose
O.15Approve Compensation of Marc de Garidel, Chair of the BoardFor
O.16Approve Compensation of David Meek, CEO Until Dec. 31, 2019Oppose
O.17Authorise Share RepurchaseOppose
E.18Authorize up to 3 Percent of Issued Capital for Use in Restricted Stock PlansOppose
E.19Amend Article 12 of Bylaws Re: Employee RepresentativesFor
E.20Amend Article 16 of Bylaws Re: Board Members Deliberation via Written ConsultationFor
E.21Amend Article 10 of Bylaws Re: Shareholding Disclosure ThresholdsFor
E.22Amend Articles 12 and 13 of Bylaws Re: Shares Held by DirectorsFor
E.23Amend Article 17 of Bylaws Re: Board PowersFor
E.24Amend Article 21 of Bylaws Re: AGMFor
E.25Amend Articles 10, 19 and 26 of Bylaws to Comply with Legal ChangesFor
E.26Textual References Regarding Change of CodificationFor
O.27Textual References Regarding Change of CodificationFor