UNILEVER NV 30/04/2020 AGM
1Discussion of the Annual Report and Accounts for the 2019 Financial YearNon-Voting
2Approve Financial Statements and Allocation of IncomeFor
3Approve the Remuneration ReportOppose
4Approve Discharge of Executive DirectorsFor
5Approve Discharge of Non-Executive DirectorsFor
6Re-elect N AndersenFor
7Reelect L Cha For
8Re-elect V ColaoFor
9Re-elect J HartmannFor
10Re-elect A JopeFor
11Re-elect A JungFor
12Re-elect S KilsbyFor
13Re-elect S MasiyiwaFor
14Re-elect Y Moon For
15Re-elect G PitkethlyFor
16Re-elect J RishtonFor
17Re-elect F SijbesmaFor
18Appoint the AuditorsAbstain
19Issue Shares with Pre-emption RightsFor
20Issue Shares for CashFor
21Issue Shares for Cash for the Purpose of Financing an Acquisition or Other Capital InvestmentOppose
22Authorise Share RepurchaseOppose
23Authorise Cancellation of Treasury SharesFor