PROXIMUS 15/04/2020 AGM
1Receive Directors' ReportsNon-Voting
2Receive Auditors' ReportsNon-Voting
3Receive Information from the Joint CommitteeNon-Voting
4Receive Consolidated Financial Statements and Statutory ReportsNon-Voting
5Approve Financial Statements and Allocation of IncomeOppose
6Approve the Remuneration ReportOppose
7Discharge the BoardFor
8Grant Special Discharge to Guido J.M. Demuynck For
9Grant Special Discharge to Dominique LeroyFor
10Approve Discharge of Board of AuditorsOppose
11Discharge Michael DenayerOppose
12Discharge the AuditorsOppose
13Grant Special Discharge to Mr. Michel Denayer and Mr. Nico Houthaeve Oppose
14Approve Co-optation of Guillaume Boutin as DirectorFor
15Re-elect Luc Van den hove as Independent DirectorFor
16Approve Co-optation of Joachim Sonne Independent DirectorFor
17.aReelect Stefaan De Clerck as DirectorFor
17.bReelect Martine Durez as DirectorFor
17.cReelect Isabelle Santens as DirectorFor
17dReelect Paul Van de Perre as DirectorFor
17.eElect Director Proposed by the Belgian StateOppose
18Transact Other BusinessNon-Voting