ICA GRUPPEN 21/04/2020 AGM
1Open MeetingNon-Voting
2Elect Chairman of MeetingNon-Voting
3Prepare and Approve List of ShareholdersNon-Voting
4Approve Agenda of Meeting Non-Voting
5Designate Inspector(s) of Minutes of MeetingNon-Voting
6Acknowledge Proper Convening of MeetingNon-Voting
7Receive Report on OperationsNon-Voting
8Receive Report on Board's WorkNon-Voting
9Receive Financial Statements and Statutory ReportsNon-Voting
10Approve Financial StatementsFor
11Approve Allocation of Income and Dividends For
12Discharge the Board and PresidentFor
13Receive Report on Nominating Committee's WorkNon-Voting
14Set the Number of Board DirectorsFor
15Approve Fees Payable to the Board of Directors and the AuditorFor
16Elect Board: Slate ElectionOppose
17Appoint the AuditorsAbstain
18Elect Nomination CommitteeFor
19Approve Remuneration Policy And Other Terms of Employment For Executive ManagementOppose
20Amend Articles of Association section 1, 9, 11, 12.For
21Close MeetingNon-Voting