1.1Elect Director Janice M. BabiakFor
1.2Elect Director Sophie BrochuFor
1.3Elect Director Craig W. BroderickFor
1.4Elect Director George A. CopeWithhold
1.5Elect Director Christine A. EdwardsWithhold
1.6Elect Director Martin S. EichenbaumFor
1.7Elect Director Ronald H. FarmerWithhold
1.8Elect Director David E. HarquailFor
1.9Elect Director Linda S. HuberFor
1.10Elect Director Eric R. La FlecheFor
1.11Elect Director Lorraine MitchelmoreFor
1.12Elect Director Darryl WhiteFor
2Appoint the AuditorsWithhold
3Advisory Vote on Executive CompensationOppose
4Amend Stock Option PlanOppose
5Shareholder Resolution: Update Computer Systems to Increase Competitiveness while Ensuring Greater Protection of Personal InformationAbstain
6Shareholder Resolution: Diversity of the BoardFor
7Shareholder Resolution: Environmental IssuesFor