1Approve Financial StatementsFor
2Approve Consolidated and Standalone Management Reports.For
3Approve Non-Financial Information StatementFor
4Discharge the BoardFor
5Appoint the AuditorsFor
6Amend Articles Re: Corporate Interest and Social DividendFor
7Amend Article 8 Re: Compliance System and Compliance UnitFor
8Amend Article 10 to Reflect Changes in CapitalFor
9Amend Article 9 of General Meeting Regulations Re: Shareholders' Power to Approve the Non-Financial Information StatementFor
10Amend Articles of General Meeting Regulations Re: Right to Information and Remote ParticipationFor
11Amend Articles of General Meeting Regulations Re: Technical ImprovementsFor
12Approve the DividendFor
13Approve Scrip Dividends.For
14Authorise the Scrip DividendFor
15Approve the Remuneration ReportFor
16Approve Restricted Stock PlanAbstain
17Elect Nicola Mary Brewer as DirectorFor
18Elect Regina Helena Jorge Nunes as DirectorFor
19Reelect Inigo Victor de Oriol Ibarra as DirectorOppose
20Reelect Samantha Barber as DirectorOppose
21Set the Number of Board DirectorsFor
22Issue Shares for CashFor
23Issue Bonds/Debt SecuritiesFor
24Authorize Board to Ratify and Execute Approved ResolutionsFor