UNILEVER NV 01/05/2019 AGM
1Discussion of the Annual Report and Accounts for the 2018 Financial YearNon-Voting
2Approve Financial StatementsFor
3Approve the Remuneration ReportOppose
4Approve Discharge of Executive Board MembersFor
5Approve Discharge of Non-Executive Board MembersFor
6Elect Nils Andersen Abstain
7Elect Laura ChaFor
8Elect Vittorio ColaoFor
9Elect Marijn DeckersFor
10Elect Judith HartmannOppose
11Elect Andrea JungFor
12Elect Mary MaFor
13Elect Strive MasiyiwaFor
14Elect Youngme MoonFor
15Elect Graeme PikethlyFor
16Elect John RishtonFor
17Elect Feike SijbesmaAbstain
18Elect Alan JopeFor
19Elect Susan KilsbyFor
20Appoint the AuditorsFor
21Authorise Share RepurchaseOppose
22Authorise Cancellation of Treasury SharesOppose
23Issue Shares with Pre-emption RightsFor
24Issue Shares for CashFor
25Authorize Board to Exclude Preemptive Rights from Share Issuances for Acquisition PurposesOppose